PRESS STATEMENT:MDP Expresses Deep Regret at “Flawed” Commission of National Inquiry

Reference No: 17/02/2012
22 February 2012

MDP Expresses Deep Regret at “Flawed” Commission of National Inquiry


The Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) on Wednesday expressed its deep regret and disappointment at the composition of the Commission of National Inquiry established by the Dr.Waheed regime to investigate events surrounding the forced resignation of President Nasheed. The MDP also expressed its disappointment that Dr. Waheed, contrary to his promises, had failed to consult with the MDP on the establishment of the Commission.

Taken together, both points mean that the MDP does not consider the established Commission of National Inquiry to be either independent or impartial.

The MDP has repeatedly made clear that due to the highly-politicized nature of Maldives society at present, in order to be credible the investigation mechanism must include international experts as well as Maldivians of proven and unquestionable independence and integrity. The appointment of all individuals should be subject to detailed consultations between all political parties.

MDP notes that the proposed mechanism fails to meet these requirements. It has been conceived and imposed by those parties allied to Dr. Waheed without any consultation with MDP. It does not include any eminent international experts. And the inclusion of individuals who held Cabinet posts during the autocratic government of former President Gayoom, including the appointment of a Chair – Mr. Ismail Shafeeu – who had held various ministerial posts under former President Gayoom including the position of Defense Minister at a time of widespread human rights abuses in the country, suggests that no effort has been made to ensure independence and impartiality.

MDP also notes that the Maldives’ international partners including the EU, UK, US, Germany and India have underlined the importance of the independent investigation in order to determine the legitimacy and legality of the Dr.Waheedregime. The proposed Commission will clearly fall below the expectations of these international partners.

Responding to the announcement from the President’s Office, Mr. Hamid Abdul Ghafoor, MDP’s spokesperson for international affairs said “Ismail Shafeeu was the Home Minister when Evan Naseem was killed in custody – a death which sparked the democracy movement in 2003. During the early years of MDP, Mr. Shafeeu said MDP was an illegal entity and all activities against the government would be deemed illegal. He is a Gayoom loyalist who quite simply will not be able to deliver an impartial and independent review of what has happened over recent weeks. MDP urges an immediate reconsideration of this flawed approach, and continues to remain willing to engage in consultations in this regard”.


Hamid Abdul Ghafoor

Spokesperson, International Affairs

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