President Congratulates MDP on the Success in Local Council Elections


President Mohamed Nasheed has congratulated President of ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Ibrahim Hussain Zaki, Chairperson Mariya Ahmed Didi, Parliamentary Group Leader Moosa Manik, MDP Parliamentary Group, as well as members and supporters of MDP on its success in local council elections.

President Nasheed underscored that MDP has won 9 seats of Malé City Council, all seats of Addu City Council and majority seats in other major constituencies and larger population centers.

The President noted that MDP´s success was the result of a very concerted and consistent effort by its Parliamentary Group, members and supporters of the party.

He said people´s approval and support for MDP has increased as a result of this wide campaign by the party for these elections.

In addition, the President also telephoned leader of main opposition, Dhivehi Rayythunge Party (DRP), Ahmed Thasmeen Ali yesterday.

Speaking with Ahmed Thasmeen Ali, the President expressed his confidence of Thasmeen´s cooperation with the government in its effort to consolidate democracy in the Maldives.
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