MDP Campaigning on Housing and Jobs


The MDP is contesting the elections for the councils on the two most crucial issues in the country.

The political party now at the helm of the Maldives is campaigning on the promise of better housing for the people and the creation of more jobs and employment.

President Nasheed, leading the government campaign has highlighted the importance of these vital and essential services.
The president has said that providing shelter for the citizens of Male’ is something that the government can and will do, addressing MDP supporters at the official launch of the MDP’s Door to Door campaign.
The President also raised the probability of expanding Male’ by reclaiming land from lagoons close to Male’.

”It is not impossible to provide shelter for all the citizens living in Male’,” he said adding that the housing crisis in Male’ could be solved with the use of better technology.
”Instead of looking to the east of Male’, another solution lies in the lagoons to the west of Male’,” he said, referring to the reefs around Villingili, Thilafushi, Gulhi, and Giraavaru.

In addition to this the President emphasized the importance of the Door to Door campaigning by the MDP soliciting votes directly from the people. He was hoping for the MDP to win over 70% of the votes, the President said.