MDP’s policy is to provide affordable housing to all citizens. This includes building housing units across the country, provide long term, low interest housing loans through the Development Bank, provide housing subsidy to families most in need, and develop housing near the workplace for everyone to ensure that workers are able to live with their families

The one most resonant MDP Policy with the large majority of citizens is affordable housing.

People from across the country have been forced to migrate to the capital, Male, mainly due to the lack of adequate health care, education and employment opportunities in most islands. As a result, Male has become exceedingly overcrowded and many of those who migrated to Male, leaving their spacious homes in the islands are forced to live in substandard and small dwellings, in extreme difficulty. Overcrowding is one of the main factors for many of the capital’s social problems.

To provide a solution to the acute shortage of affordable housing in the country, the MDP will partner with private companies. Developing housing projects by partnering with private companies, and opening the opportunity for private companies will be the most cost-efficient, with the least burden on State funds.

The MDP government made great strides in its efforts to provide affordable housing during its three years in office. In addition to developing housing units across the country, the “Veshifahi Male” programme was carried out to alleviate overcrowding in Male, and to provide a more comfortable, safe, healthy environment for the residents of Male’. The focus of the programme was to develop Male’ in a sustainable manner and alleviate congestion and to provide affordable housing to families living in the most difficult housing situations in Male’. The programme, which was divided into three categories, was unfortunately discontinued after the MDP government.