The priorities of the MDP Government in providing healthcare for Maldivians was to stop the culture of “begging for healthcare”, to close the gap between citizens across different regions in accessibility to health services, and making healthcare affordable and easily available for all.

Although MDP made great strides in the provision of health services in its 3 years and 3 months in government, challenges remain. These include the rise in lifestyle related and new diseases. Further, although Maldives had controlled and eradicated contagious diseases, the rise in migrant worker populations from neighboring countries has led to the re-appearance of diseases such as TB and AIDS. These challenges must be considered in the planning and delivery of health services. With increased awareness on health issues, the needs of people have changed and it is necessary to expedite a new framework and a new joint approach to health management.

The objective of the MDP government is to raise awareness amongst people on a holistic approach to good health; to provide affordable and accessible quality healthcare and health services to all citizens at internationally accepted standards, under a social health insurance scheme to be established under public private partnership (PPP).