MDP believes in the sustainable expansion of the fisheries industry, through the increased promotion of fisheries based products. To achieve this, new methods of fishing must be introduced, specifically mariculture

Fisheries is one of the Maldives’ primary industries. As it is a natural resource, which can only be developed within certain limits, MDP believes in promoting a sustainable fisheries management policy for the development of this industry.

MDP seeks to develop the fisheries industry through the development of additional fisheries based products, and by seeking a higher cost value for fish caught in the Maldives. MDP feels it is important to develop products in the Maldives for export rather than primarily exporting raw material.

Mariculture development will lead to an expansion in commercial enterprise. Uninhabited islands can be released on long term leases for mariculture projects, while financial and technical assistance for these ventures will also be provided.

MDP proposes an established of multi species hatchery facilities and national cold store facilities across the country. The development bank would facilitate loans for fishermen, while young people will be trained in the latest technologies and methods in the fisheries field. MDP also believes in the strengthening of fisheries infrastructure and the resolution of logistical challenges faced in exporting raw fish.

Furthermore, MDP will develop lane fishing in the outer atoll areas and within the greater EEZ, address declining reef dish stocks and prioritise the development of fisheries through the work of the Marine Research Centre and Fisheries Management Centre.

MDP prioritises increased participation of fishermen in developing their industry through the establishment and strengthening of fisheries associations.