MDP’s agricultural policy will seek to provide Maldivians with food security, increase the economic benefits derived from the agricultural industry and increase productivity

This policy will create equal opportunities for all individuals interested in participating in the agribusiness. It will ensure that the agricultural industry is environmentally friendly, and develop it further through the use of technologies suited to the Maldivian environment. MDP prioritises the increased participation of women in agriculture, not just through farm work, but within the wider agribusiness system.

Land suitable for agricultural purposes will be delineated in islands and areas where it can be further developed. Hydroponic systems will be increased, and a national corporation will be established to buy Maldivian products. AgriCentres will be established in the North and South of the country, where financial and technical assistance will be provided and studies conducted to improve the regulatory framework of the industry.

Many of the country’s coconut palms are old, and provide a declining stock of coconuts. MDP proposes a project to plant new, younger stocks and explore the industrial potential of this program.

The introduction of well equipped AgriBoats will ensure the transportation of fresh produce across the country, expanding the local market. The AgriCentres in the different regions will preserve the quality of the products transported by AgriBoats.

MDP believes an expansion of agricultural and fisheries products will lead to the development of regional harbours, which must be able to accommodate the sale of these products. Further expansion of the agricultural industry will come through the provision of fresh produce to guesthouse and resorts across the country.

Loans will be facilitated by the Development bank, while access to modern equipment and technology will be provided to further develop existing crops, and import regulations amended to facilitate the development of new products.

MDP will prioritise consultation and participation of the agricultural industry through the establishment of corporatives, which will provide financial and technical assistance.