Male' City

Eva Abdulla

President for Galolhu North constituency / Parliament Deputy Speaker (MP for Galolhu North constituency)

Sifa Mohamed

Womens Wing President, Male’ City Mayor

Akram Kamaludeen

President for Male City

Ahmed Niyaz

Male City Councillor

Ibrahim Manik

Male City Councillor

Shaaheen Mahumoodh

Male City Councillor

Mohamed Rasheed

MP for Machchangolhi North constituency

Ahmed Xamyr

Male City Councillor

Shamau Shareef

Male City Councillor

Azra Moosa

Male City Councillor

Hussain Shareef

Male City Councillor

Mohamed Ibrahim Manik

President for Villimale’ constituency

Adam Ali

President for Maafannu South constituency / MP for Maafannu South constituency

Ahmed Amir

President for Maafannu Medhu constituency

Mohamed Falah

President for Maafannu West constituency / MP for Maafannu West constituency

Mohamed Ziyad

President for Maafannu North constituency

Imthiyaz Fahmy

MP for Maafannu North constituency

Ahmed Thasmeen Ali

President for Machchangolhi South constituency

Hassan Ismail

President for Galolhu South constituency

Ibrahim Muizzu

President for Henveiru North constituency / MP for Henveiru North constituency North constituency

Hussain Shaheem

President for Henveiru South constituency / MP for Henveiru South constituency

Hussain Shaheem has been the Henveiru Dhekunu Constituency President since 2010 and a member of Finance Committee since 2010.

Mohamed Latheef

President for Medhu Henveiru constituency

Ismail Rashad

President for Hulhuhenveiru constituency