Haa Dhaal Atoll

Ibrahim Sujau

President for Upper North Province

Hussain Saami

HDH. Makunudhoo Council Member

Ali Gasim

HDH. Kumundhoo Council Member

Ali Anwar

HDH. Kumundhoo Council Member

Ameen Mohamed

HDH. Kumundhoo Council Member

Ibrahim Ali

HDH. Atoll Council memeber

Ahmed Athif

HDh.Atoll Council member

Ali Hashim

HDH. Kulhudhuffushi Council Member

Sama Ali

HDh. Kulhudhuffushi Council member

Mohamed Fawaz

HDh. Kulhudhuffushi Council member

Abdul Latheef Hassan

HDH. Kulhudhuffushi Council Member

Ahmed Naseem

HDH. Vaikaradhoo Council Member

Abdulla Wafir

HDh. Vaikaradhoo Council member

Mohamed Rasheed

HDH. Nellaidhoo council member

Mohamed Shafy

HDH. Kurinbi Council Member

Asma Khalid

HDH. Nolhivaram Council member

Ahmed Niyaz

HDH. Naivaadhoo Council Member

Hassan Saleem

HDH. Hanimaadhoo Council Member

Hussein Nashid

HDH. Finey Council Member

Ali Mohamed

HDH Atoll Coucil member

Abdul Gafoor Moosa

President for Kulhudhuffushi Uthuru constituency / MP for Hanimaadhoo constituency

Ahmed Mausoom

President for Makunudhoo constituency

Ahmed Hashim

President for Vaikaradhoo constituency

Ibrahim Waheed

President for Nolhivaram constituency

Ibrahim Waheed has been the President of MDP Nolhivaram Constituency since 2010. He was the President of Alifu Alifu Dhaaira from 2005-2010. Served as the member and Chairperson of MDP Elections Committee (2005-2015). Ibrahim Waheed was the Minister of State for Health and Family (2009-2012) and also Chairman of National Social Protection Agency(NSPA) (2009-2012).

Ahmed Adil

President For Hanimaadhoo constituency