National Council

Responsibilities of the National Council:

a) Address issues that have not been demarcated to any other Party structures
b) Elect members to the financial and membership and campaign committees.
c) Elect members to the appeals tribunal.
d) Elect 5 members to the Islamic affairs council.
e) Appoint Part Secretariat and other committees.
f) Ensure Party activities as decided upon by congress are implemented; amend Party policies if required to before a convention of congress.
g) Prepare present audit reports and financial statements.
h) Without contravening the powers of Congress, ensure the development of the Party.
i) If the membership is displeased with either the Party’s chairperson or deputy chairperson, hold discussions to evaluate the level of the Party’s confidence in the leadership.
j) If a vote of confidence passes against the Chairperson or Deputy Chairperson, hold elections in line with the regulations outlined in this constitution to elect a new individual.
k) In case of the resignation, death or any other such reason that the Party’s elected administrative and/or financial chairperson can no longer be in that position, ensure the position is filled until the next Congress.

Members of the National Council:

a) Party President
b) Vice President
c) National Chairperson
d) Parliamentary Group members
e) Constituency Presidents
f) Administrative Chairperson and Financial Chairperson
g) Youth wing President
h) Women’s Wing President
i) President of the Council on Islamic Affairs