Thaa Atoll

Ibrahim Ameer

Minister of Finance / President for South Central Province

Hassan Afeef

MP for Vilufushi constituency

Ismail Rasheed Gasim

President for Vilufushi constituency

Anwar Ibrahim

President for Thimarafushi constituency

Anwer Ibrahim is the President of Thimarafushi Constituency. He is an active member of MDP since 2005 and a member of MDP Activity Committee and Haruge Committee.

Mohamed Nashiz

President for Kinbidhoo constituency / MP for Kinbidhoo constituency

Rageeb Ali

President for TH Guraidhoo constituency

Ismail Ibrahim

TH.Thimarafushi Council President

Ali Naasihu

TH.Kinbidhoo Council Member

Ibrahim Shafiu

Th.Vilufushi Council Member

Hussain Abdul Salaam Adam

Th.Vilufushi Council Member

Ahmed Sadham

Th.Buruni Council Member