Moosa Miyaz

R. Innamaadhoo Council Member

Ibrahim Waheed

Ga. Kolamaafushi Council President

Eva Abdulla

MP for Galolhu North constituencyParliament / Deputy Speaker

Ali Azim

MP for Medhu Henveiru constituency / Parliamentary group leader

Ibrahim Ameer

Minister of Finance / President for South Central Province

Mohamed Athif

President for Kulhudhufushi City

Ahmed Faisal

President for Addu City

Mohamed Nizam Hassan

President for Fuvahmulah City

Mohamed Shihab

President for Central Province

Ibrahim Waheed

President for Upper North Province

Ibrahim Waheed has been the President of MDP Nolhivaram Constituency since 2010. He was the President of Alifu Alifu Dhaaira from 2005-2010. Served as the member and Chairperson of MDP Elections Committee (2005-2015). Ibrahim Waheed was the Minister of State for Health and Family (2009-2012) and also Chairman of National Social Protection Agency(NSPA) (2009-2012).

Hussain Adam

President for North Province

Hussain Shaheem

MP for Henveiru South constituency

Hussain Shaheem has been the Henveiru Dhekunu Constituency President since 2010 and a member of Finance Committee since 2010.

Abbas Mohamed

President for Henveiru South constituency

Ibrahim Muizzu

MP for Henveiru North constituency North constituency

Rilwan Shareef

President for Henveiru North constituency

Aminath Zahira

President for Galolhu North constituency

Ismail Haleem

President for Galolhu South constituency

Mohamed Rasheed

MP for Machchangolhi North constituency

Khadeeja Reesha

President for Machchangolhi North constituency

Ibrahim Abdulla

President for Machchangolhi South constituency

Imthiyaz Fahmy

MP for Maafannu North constituency

Mohamed Ziyad

President for Maafannu North constituency

Mohamed Falah

MP for Maafannu West constituency

Mohamed Shah

President Maafannu West constituency

Ibrahim Rasheed

MP for Maafannu Central constituency

Ahmed Amir

President for Maafannu Medhu constituency

Adam Ali

President for Maafannu South constituency / MP for Maafannu South constituency

Hassan Iad Saleem

President for Maafannu South constituency

Mohamed Firzul Hussain Firaz

President for Villimale’ constituency

Ahmed Shazeen

President for Machchangolhi Medhu constituency

Abdul Razzaq Abdul Bagir

President for Medhu Henveiru constituency

Arushad Ashraf

President for Hoarafushi Constituency

Mohamed Shifau

MP for Ihavandhoo constituency

Mohamed Misbah

President for Ihavandhoo Constituency

Naushad Ibrahim

President for Baarashu Constituency

Mohamed Naeem

President for Dhidhdhoo Constituency

Ibrahim Shareef

MP for Kelaa constituency

Fathulla Ismail

President for Kelaa constituency

Abdul Gafoor Moosa

President for Kulhudhuffushi Uthuru constituency / MP for Hanimaadhoo constituency

Shahid Adam

President For Hanimaadhoo constituency

Ali Abdul Rahman

President for Nolhivaram constituency

Ahmed Majudy

President for Vaikaradhoo constituency

Jamsheed Mohamed

MP for Kulhudhuffushi South constituency

Ahmed Mausoom

President for Makunudhoo constituency

Abdulla Shaheem Abdul Hakeem

MP for Kanditheem constituency

Ameen Faisal

President for Kanditheem constituency

Ahmed Fazir

President for Milandhoo Constituency

Mohamed Jalal

President for Komandoo constituency

Mohamed Shahid

MP for Funadhoo constituency

Ahmed Sobree

President for Funadhoo constituency

Ahmed Easa

MP for Kendhikulhudhoo constituency

Mohamed Eeman

President for Kendhikulhudhoo constituency

Mohamed Thariq

President for Manadhoo constituency

Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeq

MP for Velidhoo constituency

Abdulla Zubair

President for Velidhoo constituency

Ahmed Faathih

President for Holhudhoo constituency

Mohamed Rasheed Hussain

President for Alifushi constituency / MP for Alifushi constituency

Mohamed Waheed

MP for Ungoofaaru constituency

Ali Shahid

President for Ungoofaaru constituency

Ismail Ahmed

President for Dhuvaafaru constituency / MP for Dhuvaafaru constituency

Hassan Ahmed

MP for Inguraidhoo constituency

Abdulla Shafeeg

President for Inguraidhoo constituency

Moosa Ali Manik

President for Maduvvari constituency

Hisaan Hussain

MP for Eydhafushi constituency

Ziyau Rasheed Ibrahim

President for Thulhaadhoo constituency

Mohamed Abdulla

President for Eydhafushi constituency

Ahmed Latheef

President for Kendhoo constituency

Jeehan Mahmood

MP for Hinnavaru constituency

Abdulla Rasheed Hassan

President for Naifaru constituency

Abdul Ghani Abdul Hakeem

MP for Kurendhoo constituency

Mohamed Hussain

President for Kurendhoo constituency

Abdulla Riffath

President for Kaashidhoo constituency

Ibrahim Rasheed

President for thulusdhoo constituency

Hassan Shazly

President for Guraidhoo constituency

Hassan Zareer

MP for Mathiveri constituency

Hassan Shiyan

MP for Thoddoo constituency

Hussain Sameer

President for Thoddoo constituency

Ibrahim Rasheed Aboobakuru

President for Maamigilli constituency

Abdul Jaleel Ibrahim

President for Mahibadhoo constituency

Abdulla Rasheed

President for Dhangethi constituency

Ahmed Marzoog

President for Felidhoo constituency

Hussain Gasim

MP for Keyodhoo constituency

Mohamed Niushad

President for Keyodhoo constituency

Ikram Hassan

MP for Dhiggaru constituency

Mohamed Ihsaan

President for Dhiggaru constituency

Ibrahim Naseer

MP for Mulaku constituency

Ibrahim Latheef

President for Mulaku constituency

Ahmed Haleem

MP for Biledhdhoo constituency

Mohamed Rizvi

President for Bilehdhoo constituency

Ahmed Mujthaba

President for Nilandhoo constituency

Mohamed Jaish Ibrahim

President for Meedhoo constituency

Shathir Abdul Rahman

President for Kudahuvadhoo constituency

Hassan Afeef

MP for Vilufushi constituency

Ismail Rasheed Gasim

President for Vilufushi constituency

Anwar Ibrahim

President for Thimarafushi constituency

Anwer Ibrahim is the President of Thimarafushi Constituency. He is an active member of MDP since 2005 and a member of MDP Activity Committee and Haruge Committee.

Mohamed Nashiz

President for Kinbidhoo constituency / MP for Kinbidhoo constituency

Rageeb Ali

President for TH Guraidhoo constituency

Ahmed Shuhad

President for Isdhoo constituency

Mohamed Wisam

MP for Gamu constituency

Moosa Siraj

MP for Fonadhoo constituency

Hussain Ismail

President for Fonadhoo constituency

Ahmed Shakir

Maavashu Dhaairaa Raees

Mohamed Rauf

President for Villingilli constituency

Yaugoob Abdulla

MP for Dhaandhoo constituency

Mohamed Shakir

President for Dhaandhoo constituency

Ahmed Saeed

MP for Gemanafushi constituency

Mohamed Haisham

President for Gemanafushi constituency

Abdul Mughnee

MP for Thinadhoo North constituency

Abdulla Saneef

MP for Thinadhoo South constituency

Zifleena Hassan

President for Thinadhoo South constituency

Hussain Firushan

MP for Madaveli constituency

Ibrahim Nafiz

President for Madaveli constituency

Shadhiya Adam

President for Faresmaathodaa constituency

Ahmed Zahir

MP for Gadhdhoo constituency

Ahmed Saeed Mohamed

President for Gadhdhoo constituency

Mohamed Rasheed

MP for Fuvahmulah North constituency

Ibrahim Saeed Mohamed

President for Fuvahmulah North constituency

Hussain Mohamed Didi

MP for Fuvahmulah Central constituency

Husham Mohamed

President for Fuvahmulah Medhu constituency

Mohamed Mumthaz

MP for Fuvahmulah South constituency

Ilyas Mohamed

President for Fuvahmulah South constituency

Ilyas Labeeb

MP for Hulhudhoo constituency

Samiu Anver

President for Hulhudhoo constituency

Mohamed Nihad

MP for Feydhoo Constituency

Hassan Wisaal

President for Feydhoo constituency

Ibrahim Shareef

MP for Maradhoo constituency

Hassan Afag

President for Maradhoo constituency

Mohamed Aslam

MP for Hithadhoo North constituency

Abdulla Sodig

President for Hithadhoo North constituency

Ahmed Rasheed

MP for Hithadhoo Central constituency

Hussain Naseem

President for Hithadhoo Medhu constituency

Ibrahim Nazil

MP for Hithadhoo South constituency

Ansar Moosa

President for Hithadhoo South constituency

Rozaina Adam

MP for Addu Meedhoo constituency

Maryam Niuma

President for Addu Meedhoo constituency

Yasir Hassan

President for Hulhumale constituency

Aminath Nasiha

HA. Hoarafushee Council’s reserved 3 seats for female

Aminath Wisama

HA. Hoarafushee Council’s reserved 3 seats for female

Mariyam Wakeela

HA. Hoarafushee Council’s reserved 3 seats for female

Mohamed Waheed

HA. Hoarafushee Council’s President

Hussain Samir

HA. Molhadhoo Council’s Member

Aminath Aroosha

HA.Molhadhoo Council’s reserved 2 seats for female

Ahmed Aboobakuru

HA. Uligamu Council’s Member

Sudha Adhunan

HA. Uligamu Council’s reserved 2 seats for female

Sofath Mohamed

HA. Baarashu Council’s President

Ahmed Jailam

HA. Muraidhoo Council’s Member

Ali Sinan

HA. Muraidhoo Council’s President

Zaahiya Ali

HA. Thakandhoo Council’s reserved 2 seats for female

Hussain Naeem

HA. Thakandhoo Council’s President

Ismail Shafiu

HA. Thuraakunu Council’s Member

Ahmed Rameez

HA. Maarandhoo Council’s Member

Aminath Zeeniya

HA. Maarandhoo Council’s reserved 2 seats for female

Afeefa Khalidh

HA. Maarandhoo Council’s reserved 2 seats for female

Ismail Ali

L. Atoll Council’s President

Ahmed Shafiu

Dh. Atoll Council’s President

Mohamed Nimal

M. Atoll Council’s President

Shujau Ali

V. Atoll Council’s President

Ali Naseer

ADh. Atoll Council’s President

Hussain Arusalaan

AA. Atoll Council’s President

Ahmed Afrah

B. Atoll Council’s President

Mohamed Basheer

N. Atoll Council’s President

Mohamed Shiyam

Sh. Atoll Council’s President

Moosa Shafeeg

HA. Atoll Council’s President

Ismail Rafeeq

Fuvahmulah City Council’s Mayor

އަލީ ނިޒާރު

Addu City Council’s Mayor

Ahmed Shifau

Lh. Naifaru Council’s Member

Ahmed Aslam

V. Keyodhoo Council Member

Sana Ali Wafir

V. Fulidhoo Council Member

Aishath Sharoona

V. Fulidhoo Council Member

Ahmed Nishan

M.Dhiggaru Council President

Ismail Ibrahim

TH.Thimarafushi Council President

Hussain Rasheed

V.Rakeedhoo Council Member

Ibrahim Khaleel

L.Isdhoo Council President

Ali Naasihu

TH.Kinbidhoo Council Member

Ibrahim Abdul Rahman

B. Kendhoo Council Member

Ibrahim Shafiu

Th.Vilufushi Council Member

Hussain Abdul Salaam Adam

Th.Vilufushi Council Member

Ahmed Sadham

Th.Buruni Council Member

Ahmed Mauroof

Dh.Kudahuvadhoo Council Member

Abdulla Shujau

B. Maalhos Council President

Abdulla Jameel

Dh.Kudahuvadhoo Council Member

Abdul Azeez Mohamed

B. Hithaadhoo Council President

Mohamed Hassan

B. Hithaadhoo Council Member

Ahmed Rasheed

B. Thulhaadhoo Council Member

Abdulla Waheed

F.Magoodhoo Council President

Moosa Ahmed

F.Feeali Council President

Mohamed Jaleel

F.Feeali Council Member

Mohamed Siyan

B. Goidhoo Council President

Mohamed Nafiz

B. Goidhoo Council Member

Ahmed Afrah

B. Atoll Council President

Mohamed Shaheen

R. Angolhitheem Council Member

Ibrahim Zaheen

R.Alifushi Council member

Adam Sajid

N Miladhoo Council member

Fathuhulla Naseer

N.Magoodhoo Council President

Ahmed Rishaad

N. Manadhoo Council Member

Mohamed Iqbal Fikry

GA.Vilingili Council Member

Abdulla Arif

N. Landhoo Council Member

Lugumaan Naeem

GA. Vilingili Council Member

Ali Lafir

N. Atoll Council member

Ali Hussain

N. Maalhendhoo Council Member

Hussain Adam

GA.Dhaandhoo Council Member

Hassan Mohamed

N. Kudafari Council Member

Ismail Latheef

GA.Dhaandhoo Councillor

Mohamed Rameez

N. Kudafari Council Member

Ismail Mohamed

GA. Dhaandhoo Council Member

Mohamed Zaeem

GA. Maamendhoo Council Member

Shujaau Mohamed

GA. Maamendhoo Council Member

Khadheeja Shiuna

GA. Maamendhoo Council Member

Ibrahim Thaufeeg

GA. Dhevvadhoo Council Member

Ahmed Najmeen

GA.Dhevvadhoo Councillor

Mohamed Mussaffir

GA.Gemanafushi Councillor

Shiumaz Abdul Samad

GA.Kanduhulhudhoo Councillor

Ahmed Shaheem

GA.Kanduhulhudhoo Council Member

Zihan Abdulla Didi

GA.Kondey Councillor

Amir Abdulla

GDH.Gadhdhoo Council Member

Aminath Faruzeena

GDH.Gadhdhoo Council Member

Rayyan Jamaal

GDH. Atoll Council Member

Ahmed Rifshan

GDH.Gadhdhoo Council Member

Ibrahim Shukuree

Addu City Councillor

Ali Fahmee Ahmed

Addu City Council Member

Faisal Ibrahim

Addu City Council Member

Jamsheeda Mohamed

Addu City Councillor

Mohamed Yasrif

Addu City Councillor

Jazlaan Adam

N. Kudafari Council Member

Ali Shameem

N. Kendhikulhudhoo Council Member

Abdul Ghani Ibrahim

SH. Lhaimagu Council Member

Ali Zahir

SH. Lhaimagu Council Member

Abdul Azeez Mohamed Waheed

SH. Maroshi Council Member

Mohamed Mufeed

SH. Komandoo Council Member

Mohamed Arif Ahmed

SH. Komandoo Council Member

Ahmed Asif

SH. Foakaidhoo Council Member

Hussain Fareed

SH. Foakaidhoo Council Member

Mohamed Rashid

SH. Foakaidhoo Council Member

Abdulla Nahid

SH. Atoll Council Member

Ahmed Shiyam

SH. Milandhoo Council member

Abdulla Faiz

SH. Milandhoo Council member

Saudhulla Usman

SH. Atoll Council Member

Mohamed Naif

SH. Noomaraa Council member

Ibrahim Rifaz

SH. Goidhoo Council member

Ahmed Nafiz

SH.Bilehfahi Council member

Hussain Saami

HDH. Makunudhoo Council Member

Ali Gasim

HDH. Kumundhoo Council Member

Ali Anwar

HDH. Kumundhoo Council Member

Ameen Mohamed

HDH. Kumundhoo Council Member

Ibrahim Ali

HDH. Atoll Council memeber

Ahmed Athif

HDh.Atoll Council member

Ali Hashim

HDH. Kulhudhuffushi Council Member

Sama Ali

HDh. Kulhudhuffushi Council member

Mohamed Fawaz

HDh. Kulhudhuffushi Council member

Abdul Latheef Hassan

HDH. Kulhudhuffushi Council Member

Ibrahim Mohamed

HDH. Vaikaradhoo Council Member

Ahmed Naseem

HDH. Vaikaradhoo Council Member

Abdulla Wafir

HDh. Vaikaradhoo Council member

Mohamed Rasheed

HDH. Nellaidhoo council member

Mohamed Shafy

HDH. Kurinbi Council Member

Asma Khalid

HDH. Nolhivaram Council member

Ahmed Niyaz

HDH. Naivaadhoo Council Member

Hassan Saleem

HDH. Hanimaadhoo Council Member

Hussein Nashid

HDH. Finey Council Member

Ali Mohamed

HDH Atoll Coucil member

Aiminath Ismail

H.A Kelaa council member

Adam Ufraan

H.A Kelaa council member

Mohamed Falaah

HA. Fihladhoo council member

Mohamed Nafiu

HA. Fihladhoo council member

Mohamed Hashim

H.A Dhihdhoo council member

Moosa Latheef

H.A Dhihdhoo council member

Ali Hashim

HA. Dhihdhoo council member

Ahmed Firaq

H.A Dhihdhoo council member

Abdullah Siraj

H.A Atoll Council member

Aishath Asifa

H.A Thakandhoo council member

Fathimath Fazeeha

HA. Thakandhoo council member

Ahmed Niyaz

H.A Muraidhoo council member

Asraar Abdullah

H.A Muraidhoo council member

Mohamed Nisham

H.A Muraidhoo council member

Ali Shameem

H.A Atoll council member

Mohamed Mafaz

H.A Ihavandhoo council member

Mohamed Rasheed

H.A Ihavandhoo council member

Ali Rameez

H.A Ihavandhoo council member

Ahmed Rilwan

H.A Ihavandhoo Council member

Abdullah Khaleel

H.A ihavandhoo Council member

Abdullah Hussein

HA. Atoll Ihavandhoo council member

Ibrahim Shakir

HA. Hoarafushi council member

Ahmed Imdhah

HA. Hoarafushi council member

Mohamed Waheed

HA. Hoarafushi council member

Ibrahim Rasheed

HA. Atoll Council Member

Hussain Hiyaz

Addu City Councillor

Ahmed Niyaz

Male City Councillor

Ibrahim Manik

Male City Councillor

Ahmed Xamyr

Male City Councillor

Shamau Shareef

Male City Councillor

Azra Moosa

Male City Councillor

Hussain Shareef

Male City Councillor

Mohamed Shafeeq

AA.Atoll Councillor

Mohamed Naahid

AA.Atoll Councillor

Mohamed Adam

AA.Atoll Councillor

Rahmathulla Saleem

AA. Maalhos Island Councillor

Abdulla Shareef

AA.Himandhoo Island Councillor

Hassan Rasheed

AA.Himandhoo Island Councillor

Ismail Naseer

AA.Maalhos Island Councillor

Fazeel Ahmed

AA.Maalhos Island Councillor

Samaa Abdul Gafoor

AA.Mathiveri Island Councillor

Ismail Athif

AA.Mathiveri Island Councillor

Hussain Simaau

AA.Rasdhoo Island Councillor

Abdulla Anil

AA.Rasdhoo Island Councillor

Abdul Jaleel Moosa

AA.Rasdhoo Island Councillor

Khadheeja Niusha

AA.Thoddoo Island Councillor

Hassan Abdulla

AA.Thoddoo Island Councillor

Aishath Adam

AA.Thoddoo Island Councillor

Abdulla Firag

AA.Ukulhas Island Councillor

Shaukath Ibrahim

AA.Ukulhas Island Councillor

Mohamed Husny

AA.Ukulhas Island Councillor

Ali Shaam

President for Faresmaathodaa constituency